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Who is JB? She is JB Cosmetics Simple Effective Love 💚

Who is JB? She is JB Cosmetics Simple Effective Love 💚

Who is JB?



She is JB Cosmetics Simple Effective Love 💚

They say to follow your dreams, find what makes you happy and hold on tight. I am Jody Beckett and I have been in the beauty and make up industry for over 20 years.For me the dream became a reality when I founded Jody Beckett Beauty Training in 2014.I have endeavoured for years to find the ultimate makeup product and one day I decided why not make my own. I discovered a manufacturers that aligned with my own values regarding high quality mineral ingredients, that were vegan friendly and did not test on animals. From the start of development It has been a journey & learning challenge where we were using Australian, German, Korean & United States manufactures to discover and develop our JB range.With time comes progress and in turn reaching our ultimate goal of having the JB Cosmetics Skincare & Makeup range predominantly utilising our Australian manufacturers only to ensure the integrity of my make up & skincare products and of course support local small business and our Australia 🇦🇺 market.To me makeup does not hide imperfections but illuminates our uniqueness. And this is what I kept in mind with each product. JB Make up is love, it is one of my biggest dreams and one of my greatest accomplishments.

Dreams really do come true. 💚JB

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