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SkinFit with JB COSMETICS.

WHO IS Jody Beckett & JB Cosmetics SkinFit??????……………………………………

She is JB Cosmetics a makeup and skincare company, that prides itself on being all about the ingredients suited best for your SkinFit.

After being in the beauty and skin industry, I grabbed the opportunity in 2014 to design & invent my own range.
The range is aligned with my values of keeping skincare and makeup simple and effective by loving your skin.

I want to take the confusion out of looking after your skin and the application of makeup.

Educating my clients was and still is paramount. I want to teach clients how to incorporate our skincare using our simple 4 step SkinFit routine into their daily lives without being overwhelmed. I also want to teach clients how makeup can be applied simply and still leave them looking flawless.

After experiencing skin conditions personally, such as eczema and rosacea, I wanted to take the confusion out of using skincare and makeup. But more importantly devise a range with particular ingredients to calm, nourish and help clean your skin.

Over the years the industry has taught me very vital lessons and I felt it was only right to educate others about the importance of skin health and most importantly how to keep yourself SkinFit.

I am all about sharing the love. About being as beautiful on the outside as you are on the inside.

Thank you all and remember to be SkinFit with JB Cosmetic skincare and makeup.

X Take an opportunity to try new love .

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Renew night creme with hyaluronic acid

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