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Who is Jody Beckett

They say to follow your dreams, find what makes you happy and hold on tight. I am Jody Beckett and I have been in the beauty and make up industry for over 20 years.
For me the dream became a reality when I founded Jody Beckett Beauty Training in 2014. I have endeavoured for years to find the ultimate makeup product and one day I decided why not make my own.
I discovered a manufacturer that aligned with my own values regarding high quality mineral ingredients, that were vegan friendly and did not test on animals.

My JB range utilises German, Korean, United States and Australian manufactures to ensure the integrity of my make up products. To me makeup does not hide imperfections but illuminates our uniqueness. And this is what I kept in mind with each product.
JB Make up is love, it is one of my biggest dreams and one of my greatest accomplishments.

Dreams really do come true 💗💗

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Pink Face Masque

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